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The new global Business Certification Standard from Switzerland

Bepace in Switzerland

The  Bepace Business Certification Label and Trust Index is a new global standard requiring companies to meet regulatory and compliance conditions, financial and marketing performance standards and to show transparency.

Independence and Honesty are two key ingredients of the Bepace Business Certification Label and Trust Index.

We stand by you and help you to accelerate your business growth.

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International Geneva

We are headquartered in the International Geneva that has evolved considerably into what is now one of the foremost centres of global governance.

There are a magnitude of reasons for this, but the most fundamental are these: stability, there is no civil war, political unstability or terrorism. It embodies the significant international humanitarian commitment made by the Swiss Confederation and by Geneva itself.

Geneva hosts the highest number of international organisations in the world including Bepace and Switzerland is considered as the most innovative country in the world.

Last but not least, many experts believe that Switzerland is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world.

Bepace in Switzerland
Swiss Tradition of Independence, Integrity and Excellence

Our independence is rooted in Swiss tradition, and protected by the absence of external shareholders. It means we are free to concentrate on the interests of our Bepace Certified Corporations, on Bepace Members and the companies that we are ranking in our business directories.

This allows the independence of mind that is crucial to successful company analysis and promotion.

Bepace in Switzerland
Swiss Tradition of Performance and Innovation

For us, delivering a Bepace Business Certification Label and Trust Index means excelling in three strategic dimensions: independence, deep analysis, and innovation. 

The Bepace Certified Companies ensure a stable growth, a first class customer experience and a positive social impact. A Bepace Certification Label demonstrates that a business is meeting high standards of quality, transparency and performance.

First, innovation means staying ahead of the game at identifying the next major technological and legal trends.

Second, we want to be best-in-class in business certification, analysing the crypto, finance, gaming, gambing and e-commerce industries. 

Finally, we bring the Bepace Ecosystem that means generating new business for our Bepace Members.

Bepace in Switzerland
Swiss Precision and Discretion

A Bepace Trust Index measures precisely your corporation’s impact on its business industry, on its clients and its value proposition. It helps your company to stand out of the crowd.

Bepace is specialized in five very innovative industries where the companies still need to build confidence and trust.

The Bepace Certification has been built to encourage the best business practices and social responsibility
in five different business industries
Crypto Exchange, Payments, Blockchain Companies
FinTech Companies
Online Gaming Companies
Online Gambling Companies
E-commerce Companies

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Every company can apply for a Bepace Certificate by paying the Online Assessment fees. Then, Bepace will decide if your company is eligible for a certificate.

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