Certification Benefits & Process

Discover the 7 Key Benefits and the 4 Key Certification Steps

A Premium Business Certificate Bepace Switzerland

Bepace encourages the best business practices and social responsibility in the new Crypto&DeFi and in the growing Online Gaming, Gambling and E-commerce industries.

By complying with the Bepace Business Certification standards that are made transparent, all the Bepace Certified Companies can gain more Trust and Confidence among their customers and accelerate their business growth. A Bepace Certificate shows the corporation’s transparency and its customer centricity.

Bepace Certified Corporation

A Bepace Certified Corporation becomes Member of the Bepace Ecosystem and can access for free a wide series of online apps:  marketing, sales, financial, trading, investment services...

The 7 Key Bepace Certification Benefits

Three types of Bepace Trust Certificates depending on the profile of the company (Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates) that can easily serve globally and locally as marketing material.

A Trust Index (from 1 to 5 stars) corresponding to a score between 5 and 100 points that is made public on bepace.com.

Lead Generation for your company via our Bepace.com Business Directory

Lead Generation for your company via your Industry Bepace Business Directory (bepace.io, bepace.bet, crypto.bepace.com, finance.bepace.com, ecommerce.bepace.com).

Product Sales and Promotion of 3 Top Products or Services in your Industry Marketplace (integrated into bepace.io, bepace.bet, crypto.bepace.com, finance.bepace.com, ecommerce.bepace.com).

Premium Access to a Professional Portfolio Monitoring Tool for Crypto and Standard Asset Managers and Investors.

Premium Access to a Professional Crypto Analysis, Order Flow, and Crypto Market Sentiment Tool for Crypto Traders and Investors

The 4 Key Steps of the Certification Process and Timelines

Step 1
Online Purchase (one day before we contact you)

A one-time non-refundable 990 EUR fee is payable in advance before applying for the Bepace Certification : https://bepace.com/store/.

After ordering your Bepace Certification you will be contacted by the Bepace Certification Team within one business day.
You will receive a set of instruction to follow: open a user account, prepare your documentation, proceed with the online assessment.

Step 2
Online Assessment (you have one week to complete your assessment)

The Bepace Online Assessment has been tailored to measure the Bepace Trust Index and to deliver a Bepace Trust Certificate for companies that meet both our public and and confidential criteria.

Once you will have created your user account following the instructions of the Bepace Certification Team, you will be able to access the Bepace Ecosystem Dashboard and to click on the Online Assessment Red Button in order to proceed with the online assessment.

Companies also must meet certain transparency requirements to become Bepace Certified Corporation. Bepace measures your corporation’s impact on its business Industry and its unique value proposition. The answers and the documents you will provide will help us to deliver the Bepace Trust Certificate. Below you will find the list of required documents (they are not all mandatory).

Step 3
Your Assessment Review and Company Analysis by Bepace (maximum 2 weeks)

The Bepace Compliance and Analysis team will review your answers to the questionnaire and the required legal documentation, business licence, industry, financial aspects, analyse your market and your product in order to issue the Bepace Trust Index and Bepace Trust Certificate valid one year. The time needed to complete this stage depends on your company’s size and complexity, it is usually between 5 and 10 business days.

Step 4
Bepace is allocating a Trust Index and eventually delivering a Bepace Trust Certificate (one day)

The Bepace Trust Certificate is valid one year. The renewal process is much faster than the initial Certification but we need to ensure that the company is still complying with the Bepace Certificate Criteria.

Bepace Certification Process

Bepace Selection

We are selecting only the businesses that have been licensed in their industries...

Bepace Analysis

We are analyzing these licensed companies, their management, their services....

Bepace Certification

The selected businesses are notified by Bepace and can apply for a Bepace Business Certificate...

Bepace Ecosystem

The Certified Businesses get an access to the Bepace Ecosystem and its full range of online tools...

Corporate information and documents required during the online assessment process

Corporate information
Corporate Documents
Individual information
Financial information

Business Certification

Certify your Business and get a "Bepace Certified Company" stamp. Certified Companies can access the Bepace Ecosystem (Bepace Directory, Crypto Analysis...)

Bepace Ecosystem

Join the Bepace Community and access a wide range of tools (crypto market sentiment analysis, crypto portfolio monitoring, marketplace, business directory and news)

Order a Certification

Every company can apply for a Bepace Certificate by paying the Online Assessment fees. Then, Bepace will decide if your company is eligible for a certificate.