Certification Criteria

Determining a Trust Index

Our Bepace Online Assessment and the required legal documentation (your company business license, its financials, its market and products) will determine a Bepace Trust Index between 5 and 100. Bepace measures your corporation’s impact on its business industry, on its clients and its unique value proposition. Depending on the Index, Bepace is delivering a Bepace Certificate.

Companies pursuing a Bepace Certification are subject to background checks by Bepace Certification Team. Background checks are based on the provided information and documentation and include a review of public records, news sources, and search engines for company names, social media, founders, employees and other relevant topics.

For example, the  lack of massive negative online comments or reviews is contributing to improve the Trust Index.

Thus, depending on the quality of received data and our analysis, we can deliver an appropriate Bepace Trust Index (between 5 and 100) and finally issue a Bepace Trust Certificate (Bronze, Silver or Gold) depending on the Trust Index.

We attribute points to each of 5 groups of data: from 5 to 20 points maximum per group. The maximum Trust Index is 100 points but we present the Trust Index using stars (from 1 to 5).

Bepace Trust Index Score

Bepace Certificate

Between 15 and 20 points
No Bepace Certificate
Between 21 and 40 points
No Bepace Certificate

Between 41 and 60 points
Bepace Bronze Certificate

Bepace Certified Corporation

Between 61 and 80 points
Bepace Silver Certificate

Bepace Certified Corporation

Between 81 and 100 points
Bepace Gold Certificate

Bepace Certified Corporation

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