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Created in 1983, the Cegid group is the leading French developers of management software. Cegid is in the European Top 10, with more than 2,000 employees and241.1 million euros in annual sales. Cegid’s strategy is oriented around the following areas : * Cegid’s has recognized expertise in four sectors : o The Cegid Business ERP, covering all functional needs of large and medium-sized companies (Accounting – Finance – Taxes, Human Resources, Sales and Contract Management, Production Management, CRM, and more) and integrates operations (data management), company management (Business Intelligence), and a customized portal in the same “package” approach o Vertical solutions: The Cegid Business ERP is verticalized for Fashion, Retail, Wholesale, Industrial Manufacturing, Construction, Hotel-Restaurant, Sanitation, and more. o A unique offering in terms of finance and taxes including Cegid Etafi, the leading reference in financial report production with Etafi Conso and FCRS, as well as a complete line of Corporate Performance Management solutions (FCRS and Open Executive) o Payroll and human resources solutions for corporations and corporate groups with the RH Place product. * Two segments of the market make up Cegid’s natural area of operations : the VSB, SME and mid-sized company segment, and corporate accounts. * Four strategic advantages enable Cegid to meet market demands : o An innovative technology platform : “Web oriented”, accomodating all operating systems and databases enabling it to integrate into customer operations, regardless of their technology o Proven expertise in terms of “on demand” products and IT webhosting o Strong experience in providing industry-specific vertical solutions, as well as meeting the everyday needs of users o A strategic partnership with Certified Public Accountants, guaranteeing Cegid’s expertise in terms of managing and optimizing accounting firm performance, and synergy between business and CPAs. Cegid has installations abroad, with offices in New York, Barcelona and Shenzhen, with distribution agreements in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria…