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Online Assessment and Bepace Certificate delivery

To fulfil the assessment for Bepace Certified Corporation, you must complete a Bepace Assessment for your corporation and provide the required legal documents. The Bepace Online Assessment has been tailored to measure the Bepace Trust Index and to deliver a Bepace Trust Certificate for companies that meet our both public and confidential criteria. Companies also must meet certain transparency requirements to become Bepace Certified Corporation. Bepace measures your corporation’s impact on its business Industry and its unique value proposition. The online assessment costs 990 euro unless a coupon code has been granted. The application file for the Bepace Certificate does not guarantee that it will be granted to the applicant.

Assessment Review

After completing the Bepace Assessment and Disclosure questionnaire, Bepace will require from 5 to 12 business days before your company data is analyzed and the Bepeace Certificate and Trust Index is allocated or denied.

A Bepace Certification Analyst will reach out to confirm your certification and some details about your business. A Bepace Team member will follow your demand and keep you informed about different steps of the Certification Process starting by the creation of your User Account and following by the preparation of your Online Assessment.

Additional Background Checks

Companies pursuing a Bepace Certification are subject to background checks by Bepace Certification Team. Background checks include a review of public records, social media, and search engines for company names, products, founders, and other relevant topics.

All the data collected during this phase is not stored anywhere but just helps in the evaluation of the application.

Business Secrecy and Data Protection

All the data we are collecting is being stored in a professional compliance system ensuring a top level data security and privacy.
In addition, Bepace is allowed to perform some additional checks in order to keep your data up to date. You are free to ask all the information about how we store your data.

Certificate Delivery

The Trust Index is being determined following the analysis of all the corporate information and documentation. Depending on its score, Bepace can deliver a Bepace Certificate (from 41 points).

Certificate Renewal

In certain cases, the company will be required to implement some specific remedies to obtain or maintain the Certification. A Bepace Certificate can be revoked without any justification.
Every year the Bepace Certification renewal is critical in maintaining the credibility of the Bepace Certified Corporations.

Bepace Ecosystem

The acceptance into and continued participation in the Bepace Ecosystem is at the sole discretion of the Bepace Certification or Compliance Team.

Public Transparency

All Bepace Certified Corporations share their Bepace Trust Index and Bepace Certificate publicly on Bepace.com.

Geneva, 10 April 2022

Contact us : support@bepace.com

By complying with the Bepace Certification standards, every Bepace Certified Corp gets a free access to the Bepace Ecosystem and a unique opportunity to Accelerate its Business Growth

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